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First Building of Shree Damodar Vidyalaya
Shree Damodar Vidyalaya & Higher Secondary School of Science

The schools started by the dhajan were scattered in the city having their premises in New Market, Old Market, Malbhat and Aquem and were running simultaneously. The Organization on January 23 1913 gave birth to the school which was moved to the agarshalas provided by munificent Late Babay Bhagwant Naik, then it was being conducted in those premises. In the year 1916 the primary school was shifted to Damodar Vidya Bhuvan; As the popularity of the schools started spreading a number of classes were added every year due to which the premises could not accommodate the growth.In 1960 the Vidyalaya was converted to High School. Thanks to the efforts put in by the team of dedicated men and women and funds made available by benevolent citizens. The organization saw its Golden Jubilee year in 1963, former Prime minister of India Pandit Shri Jawaharlal Nehru visited the school. In the year 1965 due to illness and age factor Late Shri. Narcinva Damodar Naik retired from the post of president in the General Body Meeting and to encourage the younger generation his Son late Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik was elected as president unanimously by the General Body. After taking charge the first task he completed was the purchase of the premises for Shree Damodar Vidyalaya and Shree Damodar High School and school building was completed in 1970, after which the school was shifted from Damodar Vidya Bhuvan to the new premises and the journey has continued till date.

Due to late Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik's eagle eyed vision he sensed the need of good and trained teachers to teach the students which gave birth to D.Ed College in 1975. As the time elapsed the visionary thought that the school had enough trained faculty ready the D.Ed College was closed down. Later this visionary sensed that to fulfil the need of talented students from South Goa it gave birth to higher secondary School in Science Stream, which gave a huge relief and opportunity to the students to show their excellence in the field of science. He had a condition before he started the Higher Secondary School in Science Stream that NO DONATION WILL BE ACCEPTED and it was his dream to provide QUALITY EDUCATION to its students.

Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva NaikShri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik
A great visionary of the yesteryears Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik believed in the worth of quality education to transform Young Minds and help the educated to achieve their vision. But unlike other social leaders his aim was to provide educational support to the first generation learners of the people in and around Margao. He was a man of the masses and felt that the latent talent trapped in the 4 walls of the poor could be lured with the provision of adequate educational facilities in the locality and so, this great Institution Shree Damodar Vidyalaya English High School stands tall even today to cater to the dreams of the education hungry students. Babu Naik made his dream come true through such students which is truly creditable.

The laborious climb began for the dedicated leader and with the support of like minded people of the Mathgram he was ready to set off on his educational venture. Now there was no looking back and Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik’s dream saw a gradual uplift from the pre-primary to the Science Higher Secondary which stands as a proud asset in the educational estate of Margao. The Damodar Junior College of Science seems to be the first choice of the Std. X pass outs.

The golden era had begun. Streams of successful student’s bee lined towards the Institution which admitted average students at the start training them to achieve quality results. Today we are proud to say that the students who have passed out of our higher secondary are shining in all fields all over the country and even abroad. In short we can say that the struggle to raise this grandeur has been a long one with lots of sacrifices. It's sad to say that Babu Naik is not here today to see his dream come true. The golden period of Quality Education.

Shri Pandurang(Bhai) Anant Naik

After 1995 late Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik proposed his retirement due to age factor and after 30 years of service in front of Executive Committee and following his father's footsteps to encourage the youth his son Shri, Pandurang (Bhai) Anant Naik was elected president in General Body Meeting unanimously, and he has carried and shouldered the LEGACY, DREAM & CONDITION of the empire successfully till date.

Bhai Naik the young protégée of The Naik household had seen his Late Father's strife to upgrade educational opportunities for the benefit of the people of the Mathgram. Being an ardent fan of his father's motives he followed his father's footsteps in achieving his dreams and worked dedicatedly to continue with the educational splendour of The Institution. He worked with his father's spirit but with a fervour to meet the demands of the modern period. He emphasised upon the fact that it was time to produce professionals who would make a major contribution to society at large and so the stress on Quality Education. He saw to it that students who left our Secondary and Higher Secondary were bold and Confidant in the stream of flooding graduates. Bhai Naik furnished his Institution not only with the best Infrastructure but a highly qualified team of teachers who have created Quality students.

Shri. Bhikoo H. Pai Angle
Late Shri. Bhikoo H. Pai Angle was principal of G.E.S.H.A.L high school and junior college, Ozar, Nasik and a very renowned personality from Goa. He was also an Educationist, Writer, Social Worker and famous stage actor. After retirement he came to Goa. In June 1983 Past President of Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha Late Shri. Ananta( Babu) Narcinva Naik requested Late Shri. Bhikoo H. Pai Angle to take charge as an advisor and mentor for the Educational Institutions run by Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha. He wholeheartedly accepted the request and immediately took the charge with a condition to work on honorary basis without taking a single penny. At that time the passing percentage of the students were very low at SSC Examinations conducted by Goa Board with no distinctions.

He took extra ordinary efforts to improve the quality of education by giving valuable guidance and motivation to the teachers. His hard work, dedication and strong will power uplifted the results of the Institution with 100 percent results for the last eight to ten years. Year by year the number of Distinctions increased by a large margin. The students excelled not only in education but also in sports and co-curricular activities. He fulfilled the vision of past president Late Shri. BabuNaik and current president Shri. Bhai Naik to impart the quality education in High School and Higher Secondary School of Science not only in Margao but also all over Goa irrespective of cast, creed and religion. He was a backbone of this Institution. He served the institution for 34 long years.

Gone are those days when our Institution produced n number of pass outs with average results. Today our emphasis is on Quality and not Quantity. We are still in the pursuit of a cent percent Quality. But the ordeal in the Ocean continues and the ultimate vision of the great Visionary will surely be attained with the qualitative stress very soon.

In the year 2013, Shree Damodar Higher Secondary School of Science completed Silver Jubilee and has delivered many JEWELS to the society in the field of science.

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Shri Pandurang(Bhai) Anant Naik

On behalf of the Institution of Shree Damodar Junior College of Science it's Faculty Administration and Staff. I welcome you all to visit our website. We are looking forward to be acquainted with you and help you succeed in your educational journey. As the President of the Institution/MHS its my pleasure to share with you my vision for this Institution. Our educational insight seeks for academic excellence in all of its educational programs. Our major strength lies in a strong team of highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff to deliver quality education. In this fast transforming global economic environment our Institution has plans to strive to give a global perspective to all its programs and activities.

To conclude I wish to declare that my faith in my dedicated and qualified Staff to help you attain impossible is deep. And We are looking forward towards the delivery of global leaders who will not only contribute to the national and world economy but also to the civil society at large.

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Formar Principal's Message

Shri Uday Ballikar

(1989 - 2014)

The then President of Mathagramasth Hindu Sabha Late Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik saw the need of a good higher secondary school with science stream in Margao. He started it in the year 1988 and asked me to join this HSS as Principal in the year 1989. From 44% result of first batch in May 1990, the result of the higher secondary kept improving every year and soon started touching 100% most of the years. More than 70% of the students were passing with distinction with top ranks of Goa Board from this Higher Secondary School. Some students scored record marks like 100% in PCM or 99% in PCB with highest total marks scored by any student at Goa Board. These students are today spread all over the world as good professionals and are making us extremely proud. Thus the vision of Late Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik to make this HSS as one of the best institutes of the state is fulfilled. This achievement was possible solely because of Management selecting every staff as per merit without any bias, free hand to Principal to implement his academic plans and programs & not entertaining a group of staff against others. Late Shri Babu Naik was a visionary and knew that these are the main causes of downfall of any institution. He never interfered in the working of the HSS and also did not allow any one to interfere. I am happy that the same vision is carried on by the present President of MHS Shri Bhai Naik son of Late Shri Babu Naik. This HSS has a very dedicated staff and I have no doubt that under the vision of Shri Bhai Naik, the leadership as principal of Rajiv Desai and cooperation of all teaching as well as non-teaching staff it will continue to achieve greater heights thus providing quality human resource to our country.

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Management Executive

Mrs. Rima M. Kunde

Perfection being our dream at Shree Damodars Higher Secondary School of Science, we cater to the well-being of our student’s through carefully planned programmes, guiding the students to give their best, and providing them the ambience to do so.

Change being the essence of the environment we are also motivated to make improvements in the infrastructure to provide our students the perfect atmosphere to flourish mentally and academically.

As the Management Executive I feel deeply duty bound to bring about positive changes in our school for an overall development of the child which enters our gates with the hopes and aspirations to prosper in mind and body under our protective eye.

Uniformity is the basic asset of school values.

Though, it is an accepted fact, that character is what we are in the dark, this maxim does not hold true with the innocent mind’s, as they act at the spur of the movement without thinking about the consequences. To ensure proper maintenance of discipline in students, especially due to the impact of social media, a need to install CCTV cameras was felt, and our institute corridors and classrooms were put under the surveillance zone this year.

To keep pace with technology and maintain quality education, a new software named CAMU was adopted for the teachers of Std. XI and XII w.e.f. October 2017.

This App will help parents get notified easily about complete student record, events, news, exam schedule, exam results and fees on the go. The teachers as well as students can get access to the attendance and time table of the respective classes that they teach thus saving time and energy with the one app that shall send instant push notifications with the school information, the child’s academic performance and all other information that’s important to the parents keeping them fully updated and in the loop.

Thus, without minimal manual intervention, teachers can now provide updates to all the parents simultaneously directly from their tablets in the classroom making it truly a smart class!

Camu is powered by Octoze Technologies, who was recently listed among the top Education Technology providers by CIOReview India and is trusted by several top schools around the world.

Development has reached its peak at Damodars and we dream to attain the impossibilities and take our students towards a better future.

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Shri. Anil Vasant Pai

Shri. Anil Vasant Pai is a retired Headmaster of St. Aloysius High School, Benaulim. He is also known as a Senior Journalist, Writer and Social Worker. Current President Shri. Bhai Naik made every effort to see that the quality education be imparted to the children coming to Shree Damodar Vidyalaya mostly from slum areas and convert them into civilized and ideal citizen by attaining all side development i.e. physical, educational, mental, intellectual and spiritual instinct. In order to carry forward the legacy of Late Shri. Bhikoo H. Pai Angle, Shri. Bhai Naik requested Shri. Anil V. Pai to join the institution from 2018 onwards as he has provided honorary services to the Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha from the last 2 decades as well as due to his valuable knowledge in the field of education in particular.

Shri. Anil V. Pai accepted the requested as an opportunity to improve the quality of education further to the next level.

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Shri R.K.Desai

Welcome to our Higher Secondary School of Science website.

As we are going to step into new academic year filled with hope and dreams of scaling new heights. I wish to reiterate the importance of few things that we have to keep in mind.

Damodar Higher Secondary School of Science, takes pride of being a school where every student can find an avenue for success and being in a community where everyone in the Damodar family strives to find the best in themselves and others. 

With experienced and dedicated staff and excellent infrastructure, our higher secondary school helps students to fulfil their goals in life. We encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by our Institution and involve themselves in all the extracurricular activities that are offered. The overall development of the mind and body is a sign of a healthy and complete development.

Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that lead to success. The future belongs to you; your need, therefore is to prepare yourself for an active participation in the world. This participation demands that you become well informed and hence develop yourself like a pioneer and ultimately grow as responsible citizens.

Our higher secondary school is recognized as a state leader in teaching, learning, cordial student relationships and wellbeing. We create a secured, social and healthy physical environment that helps all our students learn and succeed.

Over the past thirty years we have had consistent success, with majority of our students joining reputed professional colleges in and outside the state and has created their own image in our state and country.

About Mathagramasth Hindu Sabha


The first meeting of Dhajan Damodar Sal
The first meeting of Dhajan in Damodar Sal.

There was a long standing prevailing in Goa under which 10 respected and legendary citizens (dhajan) from a particular place came together and worked roughly in the form of panchayat, of course, there were more people conferring with one another although the name "TEN" (dhajan) continued to be in use. During the Portuguese rule in Goa the European officers pressurised the locals to adopt Christianity as a part of conversion and were trying to erase the identity of the GOAN and HINDU culture, so to preserve the same the "TEN" (dhajan) played a major role. In 1910 due to republic in Portugal all the colonies got the freedom right and thus the organization got the permission to start the schools. This was the time when the Goan community reorganized itself. Several social, cultural and educational institutions survived, not so much at the pleasure of the government of the day but mainly because of the ceaseless fight and sacrifices which a handful of Goans had offered within the framework of oppressive laws.

Shri. Subrao Laxaman Naik Shri. Subrao Laxaman Naik (Shri Swami Subramhanyandada Teertha) Shri. Narcinva Damodar Naik Shri. Narcinva Damodar Naik
(Founder President)

In Margao the "TEN" converted to an organization called "HINDU KAIVARI SARVAJAINIK SABHA" (The word "KAIVARI" means "one who takes side of"). The sabha used to undertake religious work, social work & preservation of cultural identity. Now it began to take an interest in the schooling of boys and girls. The first meeting of Dhajan for setting up an educational institution was called by Subrao Laxaman Naik (Shri Swami Subramhanyandada Teertha) in Damodar Sal.

To commensurate with the scope of the Sabha's work, its income also started increasing. Some spare money was made available. In order to meet new demands of organization and administration, the need was felt of a regular constitution for the Sabha. In 1927, the Executive Committee of the Sabha chose members - Late Shri. Narcinva Damodar Naik, Late Shri.Dattatraya Pandurand Naik Dalal and Late Adv Shri. Atmaram Shambhu Pai-Panandikar to prepare draft of such a constitution. One of the founder Late Shri. Narcinva Damodar Naik was elected President unanimously in the General Body Meeting.

Shri Swami Vivekanad visited this house Shri Swami Vivekanad visited this house Shri Swami Vivekanad visited this house Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik
Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik

The trio prepared the draft on August 30, 1927. On September 26th this document was placed before the General Body Meeting of the Sabha. The venue of the meeting was significant, it was Shri Damodar Sal and it is till date the venue of the meetings (Shri Damodar Sal still exists as a private temple, while in the house lives Babu Naik's nephew Shri Pradip Vasudev Naik). Now here is its main significance, In the year 1892 The scholar Shri Swami Vivekanad visited this house and had resided for a week when he was on his way to International Parliament to Chicago in 1893 to elicit the information about the Roman Catholic Religion.

As in the tradition among Goan hindus, a prayer had already been said at the feet of Shri Damodar at Zambaulim. The lord had given a GO in the "PRASAD" (Its a way of seeking permission and blessing from the lord). This was indeed a historic event in the life of the hindu community in Margao. Late Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik was still a child when history was being made around him (HISTORY which would one day depute him for fulfilling the task which was originally undertaken by "BABA" and his colleagues in the Sabha.)

Narcinva Damodar Naik played a key role in shaping the Sabha. Along with the passage of the constitution, the organization was renamed as "MATHAGRAMASTHA HINDU SABHA".

Activities of Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha

1.Shishir Utsav or Shigmotsav of Zambaulim.

Shishirotsav by Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha.

It is one of the major festivals celebrated by Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha, [Shishirotsav(Shishir is the autumn season when trees shed their leaves.) ]. In the second half of Phalgun month not only the whole Mathagram (also known as Margao) but people from other parts of Gomantak (Goa) also celebrate the shigmo with great pomp and joy at Shri Damodar Devasthan at Zambaulim.

Shishirotsav has many facts but it seems important that, devotees of all Gomantakiyas come together here forgetting their rabid differences of opinion. One would say that this is a peculiar Goan Phenomenon.

Smashanbhoomi (Crematorium)
2.Hindu Smashan Bhoomi (Hindu Crematorium)

During 1885 the Smashanbhoomi (Crematorium) was a open place (in the current place) and was covered by a compound wall by Shri Subrao Laxaman Naik (Shri Swami Subramhanyandada Teertha),This crematorium was unique of its kind in Salcette. During the tenure of Late Shri Anant (Babu) Narcinva Naik this crematorium was developed and beautified due to which its uniqueness crossed its boundaries and was one of its kind in the state of Goa.

As far as the upkeep of the cremation grounds was concerned, the Mandal's concern was instrumental in creating new facilites in Pajifond area in Margao. In 1934, following earlier donors, Narcinva Damodar Naik donated funds for building a place inside the ground where religious rites could be performed after cremation. He gave this donation in the memory of his father Late Shri Damodar Vasudev Naik. The grounds now claim up-to-date arrangements, thanks to all such donations. In 1933 members of Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha who had very close relation about the organization Late Shri. Amrutrao Shankar Verlekar, Late Shri. Ghanashyam Shankar Verlekar and Late Shri Krishna Shankar Verlekar, (Verlekar brothers) donated a huge share of amount in the name of their father Late Shri. Shankar Shet Verlekar towards Smashanbhoomi and showed their concern towards the development of Smashanbhoomi. After the required development and change were done, the organization raised a statue of Late Shri. Shankar Shet Verlekar in the premises of the Smashanbhoomi and acknowledged their help towards the same.

Shree Damodar Vidya Bhuwan in 1913
Shree Damodar Vidyalaya started here in 1913

3. Education

The schools started by the dhajan were scattered in the city having their premises in New Market, Old Market, Malbhat and Aquem and were running simultaneously. The Organization on January 23 1913 gave birth to the school which was moved to the agarshalas provided by munificent Late Babay Bhagwant Naik, then it was being conducted in those premises. In the year 1916 the primary school was shifted to Damodar Vidya Bhuvan; As the popularity of the schools started spreading a number of classes were added every year due to which the premises could not accommodate the growth.In 1960 the Vidyalaya was converted to High School.

General Body & Executive Commitee

General Body & Executive Commitee of Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha

Ajit Hegde
Shri. Ajit G. Hegde
(President, General Assembly of Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha)
Narayan Pai
Shri. Narayan Pai Fondekar Secretary, Executive Committee of Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha
Mahesh Naik
Shri. Mahesh Damodar Naik
Gramasth Namesth of Mathagramastha Hindu Sabha